Now Playing Monday October 18th, 1954

Mike's Take On the Movies .......... Rediscovering Cinema's Past

The Toronto Daily Star has plenty to offer us classic film fans who plan to spend a night on the town in search of a good movie that’s hopefully part of a double bill. Pick your favorite movie star and you’re bound to find something playing locally at one of the movie houses or drive ins.

Stars like that new sensation, Rock Hudson opposite Arlen Dahl in technicolor no less.

Bring the kiddies along at no charge and hit the Scarboro Drive-In for the Alan Ladd classic. And if you go, see if you can barter an original one sheet for me. Please and thanks.

Why not catch Rex Allen making an appearance in town as he promotes his singing cowboy career.

How about England imports, Stewart Granger or Dirk Bogarde? If not then catch that Doris Day – Joel McCrea double feature.

Just what kind of western is this…

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