Salty O’Rourke (1945) Day 2 of Alan Ladd Fest.

Mike's Take On the Movies .......... Rediscovering Cinema's Past


Alan Ladd stars once again alongside his faithful companion William Bendix in this tale of…….. HOLD ON, scratch that. Make that Alan Ladd stars alongside William Demarest subbing in on a role that is usually reserved for William Bendix. That’s better.


When it comes to sports and gambling it’s either boxing or the horse track in Hollywood’s golden era. This time out we hit the race track with Ladd in hawk to a local shark played by Bruce Cabot through no fault of his own. Teaming with pal Demarest they figure to buy a horse that no jockey can seem to tame but can run like the wind. Enter Stanley Clements, formerly of the Dead End Kids. Clements is a disbarred jockey with a penchant for women and wine who Ladd gets reinstated by dubious means.


Comedy ensues when Clements has to report to school because of his supposed age still…

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