Saskatchewan (1954)

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Break out the bright red uniforms of the Canadian Mounties because Alan Ladd has come north and enlisted. He’s sure to tangle with an incompetent commander, a blood brother who has turned his back on him and according to his scout J. Carol Naish who quips “Where did you trap the pretty beaver?”, he has to contend with an unlikely blonde in the form of uncouth Shelley Winters.

saskatchewan half sheet

It’s 1877 in the beautiful backdrop of the Canadian wilderness. Ladd and Jay Silverheels begin our journey as brothers on a hunting excursion. Their peaceful existence is about to take a serious turn when they encounter the remains of a few wagons burned to the ground and bodies left to rot. It seems that there is one lone survivor hidden under a canopy. Yup! It’s Shelley Winters.

Cree Indian Silverheels proclaims that the Sioux are on the warpath. They’ve moved into Canada after…

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