Sophia Loren: The Beauty and the Movie Poster

Mike's Take On the Movies .......... Rediscovering Cinema's Past

I’ve long been of the opinion that when Sophia Loren smiles on camera she discharges enough positive energy to light up a large room. Especially my movie room here at Mike’s Take that I generally refer to as the vault. On the flip side, if she cries on camera I’m sunk. She’ll melt my supposedly hardened heart. Me the one who proclaims to be a fan of the Charles Bronson school of film.

My first Sophia film seen as a youngster? Sad to report I can’t recall but I’m guessing it would have been something like Legend of the Lost, The Black Orchid or A Countess from Hong Kong. Of course at the time I didn’t tune in because of Miss Loren, it was the Duke, Quinn and Brando that I wanted to see as a kid who had begun to identify who his movie heroes were.

It’s when I…

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